What’s Happening in Mrs. Geiser’s

Sept. 17th - 21st
Wednesday, we are benchmark testing students on the language skills.  Letter Recognition,
number recognition, letter sounds, alphabetical order, word knowledge.  It is to give us an
idea of the skills your student already possesses and what skills they need to learn and
grow in knowledge of.  Please make sure your child gets a good nights sleep and comes in
fresh and ready for the day.  Assure them that it is nothing to get excited or upset
about.  It is just one tool we use to help them on their learning journey in kindergarten.  
Students will be benchmark tested again in the winter and the spring to see measure
growth throughout the year.  It is one tool we use to measure this.

Behavior Lessons

Last week we discussed listening.  How to be a good listener.  This week we are discussing
focus.  How do you focus on the task at hand.

Language Arts

Rhyming - Practice rhyming with your child.  Read stories with rhymes from authors like
Dr. Suess and Sandra Boynton.  Discuss how rhymes sound the same at the end of the
words.  Practice writing these letters Capital and Lowercase.

Letters -
Review Letters Aa - Ee and Introduce Ff to Jj - As you ride in the car, go for
walks, and read books together, look for these letters.  Discuss the short vowel sound of
a, as in alligator.  The sound of b,c, and d.  Discuss the short sound of e, as in elephant.


In math this week we are discussing shapes.
Discuss how many sides a square, rectangle,
and hexagon have.  What makes a circle different?  Where do you see objects in a room
that are circles, squares, rectangles, hexagons?


We will be discussing Dinosaurs

Social Studies

We will
continue to talk about Johnny Appleseed.
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Touchpoint Placement