Welcome to Mahoning Elementary School in the Lehighton Area School
District.  Mahoning is one of four elementary schools in our district.  
Mahoning Township School was opened in 1954 and is located in the
beautiful Mahoning Valley.  Currently, our school serves approximately
200 students in Kindergarten through grade four.  There are 10
classrooms along with 19 teachers and 5 instructional staff (3 which
belong to life skills classroom) to work each day to help our students
grow and learn.
Mahoning Elementary School features a faculty and staff which are
dedicated to helping all students succeed academically,
developmentally, and to become productive citizens of this supportive
community.  We are also proud to host a Life Skills classroom that add
a unique element of diversity to our building.  To support the learning
process, we offer services of learning support, speech/language,
guidance, RTII, and Title One.  Our school has a very strong Parent
Teacher Organization (PTO) which continually provides for all students
and staff.
I am very proud to be serving as the Principal of Mahoning Elementary
School.  We have an extremely dedicated staff that works together to
foster a positive and nurturing learning environment conducive to high
student achievement and learning.  The education of your child is a
team effort in which parents and guardians play a vital role.  Consistent
communication between home and school is essential to promote the
best interests of your child.
The entire staff at Mahoning Elementary School looks forward to
working together with you to provide a positive and rewarding
educational experience for your child.  I encourage you to become
involved and to contact your child's teacher, the principal, or the office
if you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year.  
Together we can achieve more!
Our web page offers additional information about Mahoning.  We are
proud of our quality school.  Thanks for visiting.
2015-2016 Mahoning Staff
Mr. Sebelin
Mrs. Porambo
Mr. Blakeslee
Mrs. German
Mrs.  Rupell
Mrs. Swanson
Mrs. Blisard
Mr.  Kresge
Mrs. Stahler
Mrs. Boyle
Ms. Hydro
Mrs. Rodgers
Mrs. Geiser
Mrs. Kocher
Mrs. Cardell
Mrs. Gray
Ms. Steigerwalt
Mrs. Boyle
Mrs. Hoffman
Mrs. Steigerwalt
Mrs. Nenscel
Mrs. Fritz

Mrs Kulpa
Miss Messinger
Miss Fedor
Mrs. Brownmiller
Mrs. Kunkle
Mrs. Ahner
Mrs. Helmer

Mr. Koehler
Mrs.  Keiper
Mrs. Rohlfing
Ms. Gowen
Mrs. Kintz
Mrs. Barnhart
Mrs. Bokan
Office Secretary
School Nurse
4th Grade
4th Grade
3rd Grade
3rd Grade
2nd Grade
2nd Grade
1st Grade
1st Grade & Head Teacher
Life Skills
Life Skill Para  
Life Skill Para
Life Skill Para
Title One Reading
Title One Reading Para
Title One Math
RTI Teacher

Physical Education
Librarian Para
Computer Lab Para/RTI

Head Cook
Lunch Aide
Lunch Aide
Lunch Aide
Mahoning PTO Officers   2015/2016

Tammy Serfass - President

Stephanie Greene - 1st VP

Karen Schaeffer - 2nd VP

Crystel Stein - 3rd VP

Jessica Jones - Secretary

Christine Steigerwalt - Treasurer