Mahoning Elementary Parents
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Some thoughts on how to help your child/children:

1.  Please look over the corrected test papers.  This is a very important step to
keep you informed on how you child/children are doing in their studies.  Most
teachers ask you to sign this papers and return them.

2.  This also goes for Excuse Slips.  When you child is ill, it is required by law to
have parents fill out an excuse slip and again return this as soon as possible.   
(These little slips can easily get lost)

3.  This year the students have a new chant to get ready to go into the halls.  We
continually try to keep our noise down in the halls so as not to disturb other
classes that are working.

4.  For the children's safety, the students are required to wear sneakers to play
on the playground gym equipment.

5.  On Library day, please remember library book.

6.  On Gym Day, remember sneakers and no jewelry.

7. On occasion it will be necessary for your child to bring money to school.
ALWAYS send money in a sealed envelope or a ziploc bag with the following
information on it (child's name, teacher's name, amount and purpose).  This helps
reduce the likelihood of any errors.

Please refer to the Handbook link for any other questions you might have
concerning our policies here at Mahoning Elementary.
Below are most of the forms that are used at Mahoning.  If by chance you need a copy,
please feel free to copy these forms.