Classroom Expectations:

   2nd grade follows the Lehighton Area School District’s 4 basic rules
that are posted throughout the schools and on the website.
    Students are expected to come to school ready to learn. Homework
assignments, books (including library books) need to be returned each day.
    Toys and electronic devices are not permitted in school. Accessories
should also be limited as they become distractions in the classroom.
Items will be collected if a student is playing with them, put in a baggie
with their name on it and returned at the end of the school year.
    Second grade is a transition time from teacher led to student
independence. Students will be expected to complete assignments
independently after instruction and modeling of skills. Tests and quizzes
will be completed independently after an introduction period to learn how
to complete these skills. All the skills tested in ELA (Reading, Language
Arts, Phonics and Vocabulary) can be found in the Student Notebook.
The lesson for the week is marked at the top of the page in a box. The
skills can also be found on the Focus Wall that is sent home at the
beginning of each new lesson. Students are encouraged to keep them in
one of the plastic sleeves in their red folders. All homework that is on a
worksheet will come home in the red folder as well. Students write
homework assignments in a Student planner each day. Please sign
completed homework and the planner each day.